Is It Pressure Washing Or Power Washing? (It’s both – they are the exact same thing)


Even for the most well-versed in home maintenance, differentiating between the different cleaning methods can cause confusion. With so many different methods, each providing different benefits, as well as different risks, and many times somewhat similar methods it’s not hard to interchange them. Pressure washing and power washing


are two terms that cause confusion. The confusion doesn’t come as a surprise, especially when you consider that these are actually the same thing.




Essentially, pressure washing, and power washing is the practice of spraying water under extreme pressure, with the goal of cleaning or polishing a surface. This can be a roof, the siding of a house, cement sidewalks or driveways, porches, and everything else that can stand the extreme water pressure. With any type of pressure washing, though, there are certain things you should stray away from washing. These are things that could easily be damaged from the extreme water pressure, such as sandstone, anything with chipped paint if you wish to keep the paint, asphalt roofing, and anything old or antique.




Regardless of it you prefer the term pressure washing, or if you’d like to call it power washing the method of cleaning your home’s exterior by use of pressurized water is a great option for upping your curb appeal, riding your exterior of harmful most and mildew particles, or even chipping away at old paint or stain. Not only does this method quickly give you results and make for a fast project, it also doesn’t require an absurd number of cleaners or cleaning agents.




In today’s day and age, it’s become increasingly important to recognize and reap the benefits of regular cleaning of your home’s exterior. With pollutants and harmful chemicals filling the air daily, these particles can quickly seep into your home and compromise not only your home but also your family’s health. That’s why it’s more important than ever to understand how pressure washing works, and the safest way to implement it. With pressure washing being a somewhat risky endeavor that can cause permanent and devastating damage to your home, it’s important to reach out and hire a professional to perform this method especially if you lack experience.




Though pressure washing and power washing have been used interchangeably, they are not to be confused with soft washing, which is a different method completely. Rather than using chemicals and detergents to do the bulk of the cleaning, the pressure or power washing method relies on the force of the water to do the cleaning. It’s recommended that this method is completed by a professional, or someone with experience in order to ensure you the structure and integrity of your home isn’t compromised. Whether you refer to it as pressure or power washing, you can be sure that by using this method you’ll be thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your home or building and riding your area of any potentially harmful bacterial, mold, or mildew.


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