Paver Cleaning Middletown, NJ Power Washing Service


Can you power wash pavers? Yes, however, there are several things to think about when power washing pavers. Pavers are a very durable material for a patios, walkways, pool aprons, and driveways, yet safely cleaning it is a fragile issue. Pavers are permeable, just like concrete, so there is a danger of the pavers retaining water. We offer simple surface cleaning of pavers. Typically newer paver areas. We also offer deep cleaning paver areas. This process consist of removing old polymeric sand, weeds, moss, and dirt from between the pavers as well as the surface of the pavers. Then we schedule a 2nd date to install new polymeric sand. We also offer paver sealers. Sealing the pavers and the new polymeric sand is highly recommended. This adds a layer of protection from the sun, rain, snow, and ice. We also use a sealer that have color enhancers in the sealer. This additive will make the colors of your pavers stand out. It’s clear and enhances the overall look while adding the protection the pavers need to extend their life. This blog post intends to effectively pass on the dos and don’ts for power washing a pavers. #powerwashplus #middletown #paver #cleaning #sealer #polymeric Give us a call and we would be happy to answer your questions. 732-671-6767