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Thank you for finding our Holmdel, NJ roof cleaning and power washing information. Any shingled roof can be cleaned without using a pressure washer. Aggressive cleaning processes, such as pressure washing or stiff scrubbing, can release large amounts of roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof. We highly recommend chemically treating the roof for the best results. Results can last 5+ years from our process.


What’s Ruining Your Roof?


Analogies serve best when describing the roof cleaning process. The stains that you see on your roof are alive and contagious. Detergents with sterilizing features will serve best when attempting to remove the stains. These stains will disappear almost instantly.


This situation adheres to the same mindset. Stains on a roof are alive and contagious. Scrubbing or pressure washing will create a level of visual cleanliness but the underlying root of the stain remains in the shingle. Moss and algae will grow back rather quickly without disinfecting pre-treatment. After our treatment has been applied stains, moss, and algae will die within 30+ minutes.


What’s In Our Treatment


The ingredient that keeps your tap water sterile and virus-free is similar to what is used on the roof. Sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is the safest approach and roof shingle manufactures approve its use. SH will break down rather rapidly and its final state is brine or sodium chloride (table salt). It breaks down rather quickly leaving behind no residual toxicity. We also add additional soap to our mix to maximize the cleaning process.


Holmdel New Jersey Power Washing


Soft-wash is the preferred method of washing today. This method allows for faster cleaning and provides better and longer lasting results.


Mold, moss and algae require bleach-based detergents while rust, line and water stains require a buffered acid. After the detergent is applied the stain will dissolve and then we simply rinse away the soap and grime.


Exterior Cleaning Services Holmdel, NJ


Soft wash can be applied to any surface. The need to worry eludes us since high pressure is not utilized. Windows, wood decks, Trex or composite decks, gutters, patios, pool decks, gazebos, children’s toys and more can benefit from soft washing. Power Wash Plus technicians are fully insured and continual training is provided. Holmdel, NJ area (07730 and 07731) residents can call today for a free estimate or email us 732-671-6767


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