Can You Power Wash a Brick Residence?


Can you power wash a brick residence? Yes, however, there are several things to think about when power washing brick. Brick is probably the hardest material for a house’s exterior, yet safely cleaning it is a fragile issue. Brick is permeable, just like concrete, so there is a danger of the bricks retaining water. Fortunately, the surface area is vertical, so it is much less subjected to the elements than a driveway or an outdoor patio. This blog post intends to effectively pass on the dos and don’ts for power washing a brick house.


What to Stay free from


Put simply, prevent high pressure. Pressure washing a brick home may create any distressed brick to chip or recede. This can be tricky due to the fact that getting rid of the surface area layer from a number of bricks might create the impression of cleanliness as opposed to damage.


One more point to prevent when cleaning up brick residence home siding is to stay clear of acid washing or any sort of acidic cleaners like ammonia. An acidic cleaner like muriatic acid, as an example, can gnaw at the exterior area along with causing damage to the mortar.


Soft Washing Brick Residences


Considered that high pressure is not secure for cleaning up brick exterior siding, the encouraged course is making use of a soft washing method. Soft washing leans on environmentally friendly cleaners that cut through surface pollutants. This is complied with by a low-pressure rinse that efficiently does away with those contaminants and also is safe for the brick. Soft washing is a specialized procedure and additionally is best passed on to a fully insured professional power washing company. For example, we make use of a soft wash procedure when we clean your house siding, despite the material.


How We Can Aid


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